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Ultra Sport Water Park Ultra Sport Water ParkUltra Sport Water ParkUltra Sport Water ParkUltra Sport Water Park

Ultra Sport Water Park


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DetailsUltra Sport Inflatable Water Park

The Ultimate Sport Park.
Hoops! Goals! Tunnel! Massive Splash Area! A 10-Foot Curved Slide, showered by 2 Overhead Sprayers, landing in a generous Splash Area! Kids love zooming down from the top of the Climbing Wall to the splash area below. Need a break from climbing and sliding? Use the Spray Cannon! Adults can get in on this part too!

The circular layout of the Ultra Sport keeps players from exiting and re-entering the Splash Area repeatedly, reducing grass and debris, and keeping your inflatable cleaner. Kids can play for hours slamming balls through the hoop.

Made with commercial grade vinyl, the climbing and slide surfaces are built to last. The Ultra Sport accommodates up to 6 children safely.